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Begin Anywhere – Ways to Motivate Yourself

Let’s just say getting things done is way harder than it sounds! It’s easy said than done!

Some days you wake up motivated and ready to go. And some days things feel heavy as you arise and it is hard to get going and find that inner drive.

Nikola Valenti is here for all the people who are struggling to be Motivated. Let us all take small steps towards creating a better version of ourselves.

Begin Anywhere
Sometimes Motivation takes time in catching up, we can’t always wait for Motivation to help us get things going. Sometimes just starting a project helps us find the drive.

The Funny thing is as I start with my project, I find it easier and easier and more fun and the motivation catches up with me.

What ‘s important is that you begin somewhere!

Start Small – Bring small achievements in your life
Start with small things, when you wake up, start by making up your bed. So, when you return to your bed, you are welcomed by a well made bed. Make a habit of such small achievements in your life.

Because the most important thing is to just get going and to build momentum forward.

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Keep a Positive Company
I cannot stress enough on how important it is to have positive people in your life.
Spend less time with negative people who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things.
And spend more of the time you have now freed up with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you.

Make lists — and stick to them
If you’re feeling stressed or down, just getting some of those thoughts swirling around in your head onto paper can make them seem a lot less overwhelming.
At times, it is difficult to even remember the tasks, pen them down. Sometimes penning down your tasks, also help us in understanding the Urgency and amount of Tasks to be completed.

Check in with yourself and be honest
It’s easy to overlook how much you’ve accomplished. Taking the time to go over all the things you’ve already finished that day or week can give you a big sense of relief and even — dare I say it — motivation.
Knowing how capable you are provides sense that you can take on things which may have appeared daunting or impossible before.

With all these tips I’ve shared with you, now you know what to do when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Find your passion and develop a positive mantra so when the next time negativity hits you again, you know how to stay positive and motivated!

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